Daniel Harrison


Hi, hows it goin, I'm one of your hosts, Daniel. I appreciate people's car stories, the history of classic cars, and the unique experiences classic cars enable.

The majority of people in today's world have left behind a car ownership experience which exposes you to so much more than back-breaking confined spaces, dirty fingernails, and rust flakes in the eye. Owning a classic car is thrilling, adventure-inspiring and contemplative. Cars mean new environments, new people, new feelings- both of tribulation and fulfillment. You take the spectacularly shambolic in stride with the perfectly preposessing.

I'm a mechanical engineer by background, I like to understand how things work, and understand the context in which they were born. I've restored a 1958 MGA, 1962 Volvo PV544 and currently have a 1948 MGTC in progress- let's see where they take us and make something informative, inspiring, and entertaining.

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