"Classic cars allow you to experience the world in a uniquely powerful and increasingly forgotten way...

 ...So we decided to revitalize that experience."

We strive to capture the essence of an Experience...

If you're not having fun driving, meeting new people, and going to events- you're doing it wrong. Mishaps, adventures, roadtrips- we strive to entertain, to give opinions about cars while keeping a tongue in the cheek, to capture the mood of a car, the essence of an experience. Its not all about performance facts and figures; we want to show what funny, unexpected- sometimes disastrous experiences a vehicle can afford you- what roads or events do you find? Who do you meet there?

Coming soon to Limit 55, Daniel drives a Jaguar XK 120 in Morrocco.

We Fix...

Not a strict 'How to,' but how we restore classic cars, maintain them as we drive, and improve them where we can. Maybe its rebuilding an engine, or just changing a spark plug, but as we learn how to do things, we want to share it with the world. No matter how big or small the job, we believe young people can do it. We're all just figuring it out, so lets do it together. 

We show what we Learn.

There's always great stories and lessons in history. We want to bring some of that along in what we create. We're inspired by great moments of automobile history; whether its racing stories, how cars gave people social freedom, enabled people to conquer new frontiers or simply how they used to build something- we celebrate that. Let's look at what makes certain cars special, and what there is to learn from the individuals who made them great. We want to meet you and put light on what makes these experiences so special to us as people. Tell us about the time you picked up your now wife in your uncle's $2000 Aston Martin DB2 which had upside-down-milk-crates for seats to take her to the movies when you were 16. Or, lets talk about how the Mini revolutionized mass transport.  

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